Top 10 Reasons to Come to the 2011 James River Conference

1. The box lunches. Really. They’re delicious!

2. BOOKS! And we’re talking instant gratification. See an author speak at the conference who inspires you and whose book you MUST have, and you can run right over to the book table and buy a copy right then and there. Take that, Kindle and Nook!

3. The speakers. The speakers. The speakers.

4. Just so we’re clear . . . regarding #3, we’re talking about Michelle Bower, April Eberhardt, Hermine Pinson, Belle Boggs, Mike Albo, Tayari Jones, David Henry Sterry, Troy Howell, Derome Scott Smith, Jesmyn Ward, Arielle Eckstut, Michael Park, Eliezer Sobel, Suann Cokal, Lucia St. Clair Robson, Jeff Spyeck, Randy Freisner, Dave Smitherman, David Henry Sterry, John Casey, Karl Marlantes, Julian Smith, Kathi Appelt, Tory Howell, Meg Medina, Leona Wisoker, Robert Goolick, Joe Williams, Kristen Green, Kathleen Graber, Rebecca Schinsky, Zachary Steele, A. B. Westrick, Jason Ashlock, Becca Stumpf, Daniel Custodio, Woody Holton, and more.

5. Moderators. Thoughtful moderators who ask the questions you’re dying to hear answered.

6. Location, location, location. The Library of Virginia is a great space, and it’s convenient in downtown Richmond.

7. Richmond, Virginia, in fall. What can we say? The state of Virginia puts on a fall foliage spectacular. It’s a wonderful time to visit if you’re from out of town.

8. Your fellow conferencees. This is a chance to meet other writers of every genre and experience, to talk writing 24/7 for a couple of days among people “who get you.” Really. We do. We get you.

9. Networking. Meet agents, editors, writers. Pitch your novel!

10. Time for you to fill this one in. Leave a comment and let us know what YOU like about the JRW conference!!!





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5 responses to “Top 10 Reasons to Come to the 2011 James River Conference

  1. Sheri Blume

    Recharging your creative batteries! Oh.. and a nifty tote bag with lots of groovy swag. :0)

  2. How could I have forgotten the SWAG?!?!?!?! Loved my yellow bag last year!

  3. The EDUCATION JRW provides is invaluable, inspiring, and indispensible!!!

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