Introducing . . . Michelle Brower

Our next speaker is the talented Michelle Brower. Like many agents, Michelle went into her field because of a PASSION for literature. We’re lucky to have her on panels at our fall 2011 conference. A little more on Michelle:

Michelle Brower began her career in publishing in 2004 while studying for her Master’s degree in English Literature at New York University, and has been hooked ever since.  During that time, she assisted the agents Wendy Sherman and Joelle Delbourgo, and found herself in love with the process of discovering new writers and helping existing writers further their careers.  After graduating, she became an agent with Wendy Sherman Associates, and there began representing books in many different areas of fiction and non-fiction.   In 2009, she joined Folio Literary Management, where she is looking for literary fiction, thrillers, high-quality commercial fiction that transcends genre, and narrative non-fiction.  She enjoys digging into a manuscript and working with authors to make their project as saleable as it can be, and her list includes the authors S.G. Browne, Julia Wertz, Todd Ritter, and Michele Young-Stone (one of our terrific speakers last year!) among many others.

Folks, we’re about a week away from early conference registration. So we hope we’re whetting your appetite for all things literary in RVA! In the meantime, if you just CAN’T WAIT until fall, why not join the James River Writers at Writers Wednesdays right here in Richmond. The second Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m., writers gather at Cafe Gutenberg. Never been before? It’s a friendly bunch and you’ll feel right at home.

In the meantime, come back to the blog and visit for more on our conference speakers and all sorts of JRW information.



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8 responses to “Introducing . . . Michelle Brower

  1. Pat Smith

    I am new to JRW and amazed by the level of talented speakers for the group. I wish that my spring and summer schedules would allow for some participation, but I’ve already marked off the dates for the fall conference. Thanks to everyone who makes JRW such a wonderful resource!

  2. Leslie Morgan

    Just three months into my membership with JRW and it’s clear that joining this friendly, experienced and talented group was a good decision as an entry into the world of writing. Being a passionate reader and enjoying the creative process involved in word smithing, I am excited to venture further into learning about the process of writing with this unique group of people.

    Looking forward to experiencing my first conference this October and appreciate your blog with the conference updates and details. Thanks!

  3. At the JRW Writing Show last night [which was great b-t-w], I heard a Lot of excited murmurs when it was announced that agent Michelle Brower would be coming back. So I am taking it that means agent slots will be going quickly with sign-ups as soon as the Conference comes on line.
    Yay! [And 😦 if anyone misses]

  4. Michelle was one of the OUTSTANDING participants last year, it’s great to see she’ll be back. And I say that even after she rejected my query! *Grin*

    Per usual, cannot wait for the Conference. See everyone there …

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